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Unlocking the Power of Math, Critical Reading, and Programming

Junior STEM 

Empowering Yong Minds with STEM

Welcome to our Junior STEM program, designed to spark curiosity and innovation in young minds. At Illinois Education, we offer three dynamic courses to engage students in the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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Dive into a comprehensive course that integrates math problem-solving, critical reading, and programming skills. Engage in hands-on projects that synthesize these aspects, providing a holistic approach to intellectual development. Explore real-world problem-solving scenarios and embark on creative programming challenges to enhance your skills.

* This course requires a diagnostic oral interview to enroll.

Game Programming Adventure

Enter the realm of game programming where creativity knows no bounds. Using platforms like Scratch and Python, students learn the foundations of coding while developing their own interactive games. This course is a perfect blend of education and fun, nurturing a passion for programming through the creation of engaging game applications.

Junior Robotics

The Junior Robotics course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of programming and robotics. This program aims to cultivate logical thinking and problem-solving skills in young minds. Students will engage in hands-on activities, learning to code and operate robots, fostering a practical understanding of robotics principles. The curriculum emphasizes a structured approach to programming, providing a solid foundation for future STEM endeavors.

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